This is an extraordinary  example of industrial archaeology combined with Roman art.

The Montemartini Thermoelectric Centre was the first public power plant built in Rome in 1912. It was provided with groups of diesel motors and a turbo steam alternator by the Tosi firm. At the beginning it would produce 7000 kW of power, later increased to 16,000 adding steam turbines.

In 1997 hundreds of ancient Roman art pieces were moved here from the Capitoline Museums and they are now displayed among the engines. Best-known pieces are:  the “Victory of the Simmaci”, rare V century B.C. Greek statues from the pediment of the temple of Apollo Sosiano, III century B.C. frescoes from the tomb of the Fabii, a bronze furarary bed form Amiternum, Barberini toga-wearing statue, the Muse Polymnia, Agrippina the Younger, a portrait of Cleopatra, the Mosaic with hunting scene.

Duration 3 hours

Entrance ticket: 5.50 euro; 4.50 euro for EU students; free for Eu citizens under 6 and over 65. Combined ticket Centrale Montemartini+Capitoline Museums 10.50 euro (see CAPITOLINE MUSEUMS)

Closed on Mondays.

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