This is the famous suburban villa “ad Gallinas Albas” built for Livia Drusilla, Octavian Augustus’ wife.  The world known statue of Augustus Prima Porta (now at the Vatican) was found here. It consists of a large complex, where we will walk on an ancient Roman road, through the frescoed rooms and on the mosaic and marble floors of an imperial villa. We will also descend to the subterranean triclinium where the magnificent painted garden used to be (now on display at Palazzo Massimo).

Duration: 3 hours

Free admission.

Open  Thursdays and Fridays only in the morning, first, third and fifth Saturday of the month in the morning, and first, third and fifth Sunday of the month all day.

Comfortable shoes, a bottle of water, a snack, hat and sunscreen in the Summer.

Train from Piazzale Flaminio (Ferrovie Roma Nord), get off at Prima Porta. Travel time 16 minutes, cost  1.50 euro each way.