This is a walk by night, to see the glory of Rome under a different light. A memorable experience even for the experienced traveller.

We start at the Colosseum, and walk around it a bit to see how quite this giant can be at night, and even more impressive. The Arch of Constantine is right next, with its imposing statues that stand out in the dark.

Walk along the Forum of Nerva, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Trajan. The lighting here is brand new, and a work of art itself. It was designed by Vittorio Storaro, the Italian director of photography who won the Academy Awards 3 times (Apocalypse Now, Reds, The Last Emperor).  The monuments emerge from the dark and the view is  moving. The Column of Trajan has never been this majestic.

Reach Piazza Venezia, where the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II is at its best at night.

Climb up the Capitol Hill, to see the square designed by Michelangelo, even more picturesque at night, with a magic view over the Forum.

Continue on to the Theater of Marcellus, so scenic at night with its yellow lights. The Temple of Portunus and the Temple of Hercules are next.

Walk shortly along the Tiber river to reach the Tiberine Island.

Duration: 2.5 hours No admission fees.