Travel through time on the Celian Hill visiting ancient buildings that became foundations for Early Christian Churches.

Beneath 5th-century Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo we get into the Roman houses,  an extensive residential complex consisting of several Roman buildings, with fully frescoed walls, a magnificent monumental fountain, and a most important Early Christian shrine.

In front of the church a superb medieval bell tower: its base is part of the Temple of  Claudius. On the way to San Clemente  also see  Nero’s Aquaduct and the Arch of Dolabella

Wonderful 12th-century Basilica of San Clemente was excavated 2 levels underground: this is where we best see the layers of history. On the lowest level underground we will explore a warehouse and a private domus of the 1st century AD, with a very well-preserved 2nd-century Mithraeum. On the second level underground we will walk around an Early Christian Basilica of the IV century, with most important medieval frescoes (

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance tickets: Roman Houses 10 euro + San Clemente 10 euro (students under 26 5 euro, children under 16 free if with parents).

No photography at san Clemente.

Note: Roman Houses currently closed (February 2022).