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  1. flavia says:

    The Vatican published online “Vatican Vergil”, a 5th-century manuscript with fragments of Vergil’s “Aeneid”, with beautiful illustrations. Here is the link:

  2. flavia says:

    The Mamertine Prison is now open to the publicon Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday, entry fee is 10 euro, 5 euro for students, free for children under 6!

  3. flavia says:

    The bakery at Ancient Ostia very well explained here:

  4. flavia says:

    A digital map of Ancient Rome at the times of Augustus, with description and bibliography for each site!!!:

  5. flavia says:

    All aquaducts and water springs in Rome through the centuries:

  6. flavia says:

    Here is a virtual reconstruction of Ancient Ostia and its port:

  7. flavia says:

    A monumental ramp connected the Roman Forum to the Imperial Palace. Discovered in 1900, it is now open to the public for the first time:

  8. flavia says:

    A new exhibition on Cencelle, a hilltop Medieval abandoned city, where I took part in the digs:

  9. flavia says:

    A new wall was found in the Roman Forum. It dates back to the IX century, at least one century earlier than Rome’s traditional foundation in 753 B.C.:

  10. flavia says:

    There is a brand new sound and light show at the Forum of Augustus, every night at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, until September 18. This is the official website, with all info:

  11. flavia says:

    The perfect video to understand piazza Navona and the stadium of Domitian underneath:

  12. flavia says:

    An interesting video by UNESCO on the Colosseum, that shows how the elevators worked:

  13. flavia says:

    A new exhibition on the Etruscans at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, from April 15 to July 20:

  14. flavia says:

    A virtual reconstruction of Villa of Livia:
    The “Virtual Museum of Ancient via Flaminia” can be visited at the Baths of Diocletian, Rome

  15. flavia says:

    A virtual reconstruction of the Curia in the Roman Forum:

  16. flavia says:

    Free online course on Ancient Portus, the harbour of Ancient Rome (6 weeks, 2 hours pw, starting May 19th):

  17. flavia says:

    Two great brand new applications on Aventine hill and Testaccio available now for free:

  18. flavia says:

    A nice video on the painted garden from Villa of Livia on display at Palazzo Massimo:

  19. flavia says:

    An update: it seems that the sun hit the top of the obelisk in the Horologium Augusti on Oct. 9, the annual birthday festival of the Temple of Palatine Apollo, not on the Augustus’ Sept. 23 birthday:

  20. flavia says:

    A short video on the wonders of Castel Sant’angelo form its official website

  21. flavia says:

    Restauration eventually starting at the Colosseum. A nice video by Allen Pizzey:

  22. flavia says:

    Colosseum looked red, black, green and blue: “the insides, the galleries, all the corridors and transverse hallways were completely colored.”:

  23. flavia says:

    Ancient Roman graveyard buried under Vatican City opens to the public in 2014:

  24. flavia says:

    An interesting article on some wonderful and not crowded museums in Rome:

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