This is an orientation to the city. See the the most touristy area in Rome through the eyes of an archaeologist.

We start from the most renowned Piazza di Spagna.

A few steps away is a collection of ancient Roman marble pieces still displayed in the secret private courtyard of Palazzo Gomez.

Shopping streets will take us to the Column of Marcus Aurelius, in the middle of piazza Colonna, the political heart of Italy.

In front of the House of Deputies is an obelisk, which used to be in the center of an impressive sundial, the Horologium Augusti.

The Temple of Hadrian is now the façade of  modern Palazzo della Borsa.

Going by Baroque piazza Sant’Ignazio we reach via del Pie’ di Marmo, where only a  big marble foot remains of a gigantic statue of Isis.

And we get to His Majesty the Pantheon, that marveled visitors through the centuries.

Here we may try the best coffee in town, before we walk by ancient columns and fountains to reach Pasquino, an ancient Roman statue that will tell us the latest news.

Continue on to piazza Navona, still shaped as the stadium for track and field it used to be. Here we go under modern buildings to discover the ancient ruins of the Stadium of Domitian.

Duration: 3 hours

Great late afternoon.

Entrance tickets to Stadium of Domitian: 8.5 euro; 6.5 euro age 12-17; 4.5 euro age 8-11; free under 8; special deal for small groups with qualified guide.