A walk in ancient Transtiberim to find out how much of it is still visible underground medieval churches.

Excavations under the Basilica of San Crisogono reveal impressive remains of the early Christian church, built by the V century transforming a private house. The baptistry,  the semicircular crypt with a fenestella confessionis and the stories of Saint Benedict frescoed on the walls are of the greatest interest.

Through picturesque medieval alleys we reach the majestic Basilica of Santa Cecilia. Beneath the IX century church we visit an ancient domus and an insula, later used as foundations for the early Christian basilica, the early baptistry and the crypt.

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance tickets: San Crisogono 3 euro + Santa Cecilia 2.50 euro.

Not on Sunday mornings.

In Santa Cecilia we can also see the famous Last Judgement frescoed by Pietro Cavallini, but this is open only in the morning. Admission is additional 2.50 euro.