Start this walk at the Circus Maximus, the most extensive stadium ever that could sit up to 300.000 spectators. The Appian Way originally started here in 312 BC.

Walk along the Appian Way to reach the impressive walls of the well preserved Baths of Caracalla, where we learn how Ancient Romans spent their afternoons in these true leisure centers. Visit also the extensive service tunnels under the baths (open July 2016)

Continue on the Appian Way among ancient mausoleums and Renaissance Villas to the Arch of Drusus and Porta San Sebastiano, ancient Appian Gate. Explore the Museo delle Mura (free admission, closed on Mondays) inside the ancient gate to discover more about the city wall made under emperor Aurelian (270-275 AD), and walk along the ancient ramparts.

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance tickets: Baths of Caracalla  7 euro (2 euro for EU students under 25), Free under 18. Museo delle Mura now free.

Museo delle Mura closed on Mondays.

This walk can only be done in the morning.

Note: the ticket to the Baths of Caracalla is valid 7 days and it includes entrance to Villa dei Quintili and Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella (see APPIAN WAY).