This walk is focused on Octavian Augustus (63 BC-14AD) and his impact on the Campus Martius. We will see a highly symbolic complex of monuments, that were all connected and all made to build consensus around the first emperor.

We start from Ara Pacis, the most celebrated altar dedicated by Octavian Augustus in 9 B.C., now housed in a modern museum designed by Richard Meier.

Right next is the Mausoleum of Augustus, under restoration now but still visible from  piazza Augusto Imperatore (otherwise famous for “fettuccine Alfredo”!).

We continue on through the heart of  Campus Martius to reach the front of the House of Deputies to see the obelisk, which used to be in the center of an impressive sundial made under Augustus, the Horologium Augusti.

End the walk at the Pantheon, the most incredible building of all times.  Its first version was built under Augustus as part of the complex.

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance tickets to Ara Pacis: 10.50 euro; 8.50 euro for EU students under 25; free under 18; more if there are temporary exhibitions.

Ara pacis now open 7/7 9:30am-7:30pm.

For a virtual tour of Ara Pacis click here.